Stable isotope Berkelium (Bk)

Isotope Atomic Mass Half-life Mode of Decay Nuclear Spin Nuclear Magnetic Moment
Bk-245 245.06636 4.94 days EC to Cm-245; α to Am-241 3/2 No data available
Bk-246 246.0687 1.80 days EC to Cm-246; α to Am-242 2 No data available
Bk-247 247.070300 1400 years α to Am-243 3/2 No data available
Bk-248 248.07310 23.70 hours EC to Cm-248; α to Am-244; ß- to Cf-248 1 No data available
Bk-249 249.07498 320 days α to Am-245; ß- to Cf-249; SF 7/2 2.0
Bk-250 250.07831 3.217 hours ß- to Cf-250 2 No data available

Properties of Berkelium

Name Berkelium
Symbol Bk
Atomic number 97
Atomic weight [247]
Standard state Solid at 298 °K
CAS Registry ID 7440-40-6
Group in periodic table N/A
Group name Actinoid
Period in periodic table 7 (Actinoid)
Block in periodic table f-block
Color Unknown, but probably metallic and silvery white or grey in appearance
Classification Metallic
Melting point 1259 °K [or 986 °C or 1807 °F]
Boiling point No data available
Density of solid 14.78 g/cm3
Electron configuration [Rn]5f97s2