Ordering and Contact Information


28 rue des Coudrettes
91470 Angervilliers, France

Tél : +33 677 60 82 69
E-mail : gseeburn@innovachem.fr


Prices are subject to change without notice. Some products listed may not be available temporarily

Net 30 days from invoice date.

Shipping conditions : FOB (Free On Board of the shipper).
Any damage to the package or product in transit is within the buyer’s responsibility to adjust with the carrier.
Innovachem reserves the right to change the method of transportation if required to comply with transportation regulations. Such a change does not affect buyers responsibility to pay for shipping charges

To maintain the high quality of our products during transit we use the best available packaging materials.

The buyer is responsible for approving the quality and quantity of any product delivered within the 30 day period stated above. Returns may be made within 30 days of shipment with the prior approval of Innovachem. Products returned without prior authorization will not be credited under any circumstances.