Stable isotope Fluorine (F)

Isotope Z(p) N(n) Atomic Mass Natural Abundance Nuclear Spin
F-19 9 10 18.9984033 100.00% 1/2+

Properties of Fluorine

Name Fluorine
Symbol F
Atomic number 9
Atomic weight 18.9984033
Standard state Gas at 298 °K
CAS Registry ID 7782-41-4
Group in periodic table 17
Group name Halogen
Period in periodic table 2
Block in periodic table p-block
Color Pale yellow
Classification Nonmetallic
Melting point -219.62 °C
Boiling point -188.12 °C
Thermal conductivity 0.0277 W/(m·K)
Electronegativity 3.98
Heat of vaporization 3.27 (per mole fluorine atoms) kJ·mol-1
Heat of fusion 0.26 (per mole fluorine atoms) kJ·mol-1
Density of gas No data available
Density of liquid 1.505 g/cm3 at -188 ºC
Density of solid 1.696 g/L at 0 °C
Electron configuration [He]2s22p5
Oxidation state -1
Critical temperature -129.02 ºC
Critical pressure 51.04 atm
Critical volume 66 cm3/mol