Stable isotope Mendelevium (Md)

Isotope Atomic Mass Half-life Mode of Decay Nuclear Spin
Md-255 255.09108 27 minutes α to Es-251; EC to Fm-255; SF 7/2
Md-256 256.0941 1.30 hours α to Es-252; EC to Fm-256; SF No data available
Md-257 257.09553 57 minutes α to Es-253; EC to Fm-257; SF 7/2
Md-258 258.09857 51.50 days EC to Fm-258 8
Md-259 259.1005 1.60 hours α to Es-255; SF 7/2
Md-260 260.104 32 days EC to Fm-260; α to Es-256; ß- to No-260 No data available

Properties of Mendelevium

Name Mendelevium
Symbol Md
Atomic number 101
Atomic weight [258]
Standard state Presumably a solid at 298 °K
CAS Registry ID 7440-11-1
Group in periodic table N/A
Group name Actinoid
Period in periodic table 7 (Actinoid)
Block in periodic table f-block
Color Unknown, but probably metallic and silvery white or grey in appearance
Classification Metallic
Melting point About 1100 °K [or 827 °C or 1521 °F]
Boiling point No data available
Density of solid No data available
Electron configuration [Rn]5f137s2