deuterated solvents


Deuterated solvents

NMR Spectroscopy is a technique that helps in analyzing organic compounds molecules by scanning their various nuclei. Through this method, different peaks in the spectra can be interpreted that ultimately helps in discovering the compound’s structure. Deuterated solvents are used to identify new synthetic compounds using NMR analysis. 

There are 3 reasons to use deuterated solvents:

  1. If you use non deuterated solvent you will see only a giant signal in hydrogen NMR spectra from solvent.
  2. NMR spectrometers use deuterium signal to keep magnetic field constant.
  3. To accurately define 0 ppm. The difference between the deuterium frequency and 0 ppm (TMS) is well known. Modern spectrometers can « lock » onto the deuterium signal, so the addition of an internal reference like TMS is not usually required.

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