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NMR Tubes

Labeled Compounds


Technology of packing solids and liquids materials in miniature sealed capsules that can release their contents at controlled rates under the influences of specific conditions

We develop microencapsulation processes according to the specifications of our customers. In our micro-encapsulation R & D department, we can offer you support in your project, from the feasibility study to production or subcontracting.

We can microencapsulate oils with a polymer polyurea or other on demand. According to your specifications we can microencapsulate with a size between 0.5 to 100 μm.

  • We differentiate ourselves by our innovative processes without formaldehyde.
  • We propose two microencapsulation techniques: batch or microfluidic.
  • Following the feasibility study we can give you a sample to test.


Please feel free to contact us for any information you may need in this respect.